New Pilates courses

Pilates Courses - Spring 2015

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End 2014 with a bang!

Commercial Square fireworks display, Lewes, 5 November 2014

Photo by Billy Tourle (c) 2014

In my hometown of Lewes the first few days of winter — right after the clocks changes — are celebrated with a mighty bang. Every year on Guy Fawkes Night (5 November) we have some of the biggest, brightest firework and bonfire displays in the country, along with torchlit processions and festivities that are completely wild and wonderful and unique to this part of East Sussex. The nights are getting darker, and the weather colder, but in Lewes we embrace the onset of autumn and winter with fiery gusto, knowing soon it will be the Solstice, Christmas and the New Year.

This month my last Pilates class will be on Friday 19 December at the River Clinic, and my last drop-in yoga class will be on Tuesday 23 December at 5.45pm at the Lewes Subud Centre. I hope you’ll be able to fit in a couple more classes before the Christmas break and end the year with a bang!

Please call or email me directly if you want to book a Physiotherapy session or one-to-one Pilates or yoga sessions over the next few weeks. My contact details can be found here. And a big thank you to all my clients for your support in 2014!

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Back and full of spring beans


After an amazing week of aerial training in Spain at the Airetiko Aerial Camp, I am now back home with both feet firmly on the ground!

All drop-in yoga classes are back running as usual this week, starting with Tuesday, 5.45pm at the Subud Centre, Lewes. And I have a new Pilates course starting on Tuesday 29 April. The course will run for 10 weeks (with a half-term break on 27 May) and will meet at St Michael’s Hall – a delightful venue right in the centre of Lewes. To book a place or for more information please contact Equilibrium on 01273 470955 or

Finally, you can now find my full class schedule (for both yoga and Pilates) right here. I can’t wait to see you all for yoga and Pilates fun!


(Yes, that’s me upside down in the hoop!)

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NOURISH: a day to inspire and uplift

Nourish PosterI am thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration with my good friend, the artist Maia Eden. We have a great day of art, yoga and relaxation planned! If you would like to join us please get in touch or visit our Facebook event page for more information.

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Last Words (for 2013)

Yoga Soup ClassWishing all my clients and friends a joyful Christmas and best wishes
for a peaceful, happy and healthy New Year. I look forward to seeing you all again
in 2014 to continue our great work together!

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The art of looking

Van Gogh Sunflower - detailA month ago I started going with a friend to an art class. The class is for recovering alcoholics, which is why my friend is going. I’m going to support her and we’re usually the only ones there apart from the teacher, Moram. At the beginning of class he sets up a still life arrangement, or talks to us about the idea he has for the class. Then the three of us will sit down for two hours of companionable work, drawing and painting side by side.

For our first session Moram set up a violin with coloured pencils and pastels all around, and suggested we focus on bringing colour into the violin. In our most recent class we drew with nothing in front of us but the blank paper, making marks and swooping lines and shapes.

Until this year, I have never drawn or painted – not since I was a small child. Like a lot of people I stopped making art very early on in life and never gained the knowledge that this is something I love to do. So in picking up a coloured pencil and staring down at the white page I felt more than a little apprehension.

Luckily, Moram is really good at creating an atmosphere where you don’t feel judged, and soon I found it possible to just let myself go, immersing myself in the process of drawing the violin. As a teacher he creates an environment where you don’t feel self-conscious at all and where you can find the courage to put marks on paper. And although it seems ridiculous to say after only five classes, I feel as though the experience has opened me up and begun to transform my life, allowing me to understand why its essential to led a creative life. I feel like my whole sense of perception has developed, and the experience of learning to draw and paint again – uninhibited as a child – has been joyful and exciting.

In the class Moram hasn’t talked much about looking – but that of course is what we are doing. And I find this really easy – perhaps because of my yoga background and my understanding of meditation. In my art class I sit and look and look at something with a growing sense of appreciation and wonder. By the end of the first class I was in such an altered state of consciousness that the orange biro I was looking at was the most beautiful thing in the world!

Next June I’m going to do a project with Moram in Hastings – a collaborative project with artists and yoga and tai chi teachers. More on that as details are finalised!

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Thinking about breathing

Yoga Woman

“What we call “I” is just a swinging door which moves
when we inhale and when we exhale.”

— Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

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